Osservatorio delle libertà ed istituzioni religiose


Osservatorio delle Libertà ed Istituzioni Religiose

Ordinanza 30 gennaio 2000, n.26

Ordinanza 30 gennaio 2000, n. 26: “Associations and Foundations”. (Official Gazette, n. 39 of 31 January 2000) Chapter 1 – General Provisions Article 1 (1) Natural and legal persons aiming to carry out activities of general interest, of local community interest or, if such be the case, of their personal non-patrimonial interest may establish associations […]

Legge 06 febbraio 1924, n.21

Legge 6 February 1924, n. 21: “Legal Persons (Associations and Foundations)”. CHAPTER 1 – General Provisions A. Legal status 1. Legal persons under public law are being created only by the law. Associations and foundations having non-profit or non-patrimonial aims, created and organized by individuals, cannot obtain legal status but under the conditions established by […]