Osservatorio delle libertà ed istituzioni religiose


Osservatorio delle Libertà ed Istituzioni Religiose

Legge 28 dicembre 2006, n.489

Romania. Legge 28 dicembre 2006, n. 489 riguardante la libertà religiosa e il regime generale dei culti Chapter I – General stipulations Art. 1 (1) The Romanian State observes and guarantees the fundamental right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion for any individual on the territory of Romania, under the Romanian Constitution and the […]

Ordinanza 30 gennaio 2000, n.26

Ordinanza 30 gennaio 2000, n. 26: “Associations and Foundations”. (Official Gazette, n. 39 of 31 January 2000) Chapter 1 – General Provisions Article 1 (1) Natural and legal persons aiming to carry out activities of general interest, of local community interest or, if such be the case, of their personal non-patrimonial interest may establish associations […]

Dichiarazione/i 2000

“Declaration des Cultes Religieux sur l’intégration de la Roumanie dans l’Union Européenne”, 2000. 1. Tenant compte de la responsabilité que nous revient dans l’appui du procès d’intégration de la Roumanie dans les structures de l’Union Européenne et analysant la situation générale dans laquelle se trouve notre pays, les signataires de la présente Déclaration expriment leur […]

Legge 06 febbraio 1924, n.21

Legge 6 February 1924, n. 21: “Legal Persons (Associations and Foundations)”. CHAPTER 1 – General Provisions A. Legal status 1. Legal persons under public law are being created only by the law. Associations and foundations having non-profit or non-patrimonial aims, created and organized by individuals, cannot obtain legal status but under the conditions established by […]

Ordinanza 31 agosto 2000, n.431

Ordinanza 31 agosto 2000, n. 431: “Romania. Preventing and punishing all forms of discrimination”. On the basis of article 107 paragraphs (1) and (3) of the Romanian Constitution and of article 1 letter S point 2 of Law no. 125/2000 that enables the Government to issue ordinances The Romanian Government adopts the following Ordinance: Chapter […]

Decreto 27 agosto 1998, n.112

Decreto 27 agosto 1998, n. 112: “Restoring of some real estates which belonged to the communities (organisations, religious cults) of national minorities from Romania”. Art. 1 The buildings and the land running with them included in the annex — which is integral part of the present government order — and which belonged to the communities […]

Legge 24 gennaio 2003, n.53

Legge 24 gennaio 2003: “Labour Code”. (Published in the “Official Gazette of Romania” n.72 of 5 February 2003) TITLE I General provisions CHAPTER I Scope of application ART. 1 (1) The present code regulates all the individual and collective labour relations, the manner in which the control of the implementation of labour relations regulations takes […]

Costituzione 08 dicembre 1991

Costituzione, 8 dicembre 1991. (Omissis) Art. 4 1. The State foundation is laid on the unity of the Romanian people. 2. Romania is the common and indivisible homeland of all its citizens, without any discrimination on account of race, nationality, ethnic origin, language, religion, sex, opinion, political adherence, property, or social origin. (Omissis) Art. 6 […]