Osservatorio delle libertà ed istituzioni religiose


Osservatorio delle Libertà ed Istituzioni Religiose

Legge 18 giugno 2004, n.21

Finlandia. Legge 18 giugno 2004, n. 21: “Non – discrimination Act”. (Omissis) Section 1 — Purpose of the Act The purpose of this Act is to foster and safeguard equality and enhance the protection provided by law to those who have been discriminated against in cases of discrimination that fall under the scope of this […]

Legge 01 gennaio 2004

Bulgaria. Legge 1 gennaio 2004: “Law on protection against discrimination”. (Omissis) CHAPTER ONE GENERAL PROVISIONS Article 1 This Law shall regulate the protection against all forms of discrimination and shall contribute to its prevention. Article 2 The purpose of this Law is to ensure for every person the right to: 1. equality before the law; […]