Osservatorio delle libertà ed istituzioni religiose


Osservatorio delle Libertà ed Istituzioni Religiose

Documenti • 25 Febbraio 2006

Costituzione 03 settembre 1992


Article 1

The Slovak Republic is a sovereign, democratic state governed by the rule of law. It is not bound by any ideology or religion.


Article 12

(1) All human beings are free and equal in dignity and rights. Their fundamental rights and freedoms are inalienable, irrevocable, and absolutely perpetual.
(2) Fundamental rights shall be guaranteed in the Slovak Republic to every person regardless of sex, race, color, language, faith, religion, political affiliation or conviction, national or social origin, nationality or ethnic origin, property, birth or any other status, and no person shall be denied their legal rights, discriminated against or favored on any of these grounds.
(3) Every person has the right to freely decide which national group he or she is a member of. All manner of influence or coercion that may affect or lead to a denial of a person’s original nationality shall be prohibited.
(4) No person shall be prevented from exercising his or her fundamental rights and freedoms.


Article 24

(1) Freedom of thought, conscience, religion and faith shall be guaranteed. This right shall include the right to change religion or faith and the right to refrain from a religious affiliation. Every person shall be entitled to express his or her opinion publicly.
(2) Every person shall have the right to express freely his or her own religious conviction or faith alone or in association with others, privately or publicly, by worship, religious services or ceremonies and participation in religious instruction.
(3) Churches and ecclesiastical communities shall administer their own affairs. All ecclesiastic authorities and appointments, religious instruction, establishment of religious orders and other religious institutions shall be separate from the State authorities.
(4) The rights under sections (1) to (3) of this Article can be legally restricted only as a measure taken in a democratic society for the protection of the public order, health, morality, and rights and freedoms of other people.

Article 25

(1) The defence of the Slovak Republic is the honorable privilege and duty of every citizen.
(2) No person may be forced to perform military duties if it is contrary to his or her conscience or religious faith or conviction. Further details shall be specified by law.